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We have over 30 years experience in the education field and offer loads of advice to parents and teachers who are looking for support and assistance with children who are struggling in the classroom, for whatever reason.

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For Parents

As avid researchers, we have a wealth of information on topics such as specific learning barriers, recognising anxiety and depression in children and adolescents, autism and ADHD, amongst others.

for Schools

Offering mentoring, professional development training, and workshops tailored to your school's specific needs and requirements. Age and content - appropriate workshops are available for children, parents and teachers.


Educational Planning

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School Placement Services

Emotional Support and Advice

Executive Function Skills

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About Me

Dr. Philippa Fabbri

My name is Philippa Fabbri, I’m a qualified teacher with a Doctorate in Inclusive Education and a special interest in assisting children, and their parents, who struggle to learn in a conventional way.
I co-founded a school in 2005 called Elsen Academy and we’ve created an environment where children can be “seen” and “heard”. No child should ever be excluded from school because of the way they learn. As a parent, I have also walked the “long and winding road” of trying to find answers and solutions for learning challenges and an approach that suits the individual. A mismatch between child and school can have a devastating effect causing lasting scars.
I am on a mission to bring about change.  I believe that all children are capable of learning and deserve a meaningful educational experience, and a meaningful educational experience requires ongoing access to inclusive environments.
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