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Areas of Speciality


Assisting parents in making decisions regarding their child especially with regards to schooling options and how best to support their child's learning experience. We gather information and create a plan of action.

Educational Planning

Providing support through the development of an individualised Educational Plan (E.P.), encompassing the most appropriate learning strategies and academic intervention. This plan will be based on the child’s individual academic needs and learning objectives.

Academic Assessments

Assessments allow us to determine weak areas in reading, spelling, writing, and numeracy. Based on the results of the assessments, we suggest programs or interventions to address these highlighted gaps. We also offer school readiness screenings at schools or full evaluations with a comprehensive report

School Placement Services

We can advise and guide children and their families through the process of school selection and application. Education Services assist in making informed decisions regarding this important aspect.

Emotional Support and Advice

Parenting isn't easy, especially if you have a child who is struggling. Maybe you need some support or your child might need someone to talk to. We can listen and offer advice or refer to other members of the Education Services team.

Executive Function Skills

Although children generally use technology daily, whether in the classroom or for online learning and studying, this brings with it a different set of challenges. Executive function skills such as time management, planning tasks, organising workspace, and study methods, are necessary for a child’s academic success.

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